About Us

Eclipse Voodoo Dolls is proud to deliver our customers high quality, handmade voodoo dolls. Each doll is unique and crafted by hand by us, Blair and Jake.

Based out of Seattle, we decided to start Eclipse Voodoo Dolls as a small hobby - Blair had experience making voodoo dolls in the past and wanted to get back into the craft, ensnaring Jake's interest in the process.

Together, we started crafting more custom voodoo dolls by hand and developing plans to create different types of dolls that serve different purposes and hold different personal meanings to people.

At the moment, we are starting out with our Chumby Voodoo Doll line - we call the model we created for this line Chumby the Voodoo Doll.

Always Made by Hand

We made a promise when we started this that every voodoo doll we made would always be made by hand.

A lot of the voodoo dolls we've seen online are straight off of an assembly line and lacking a certain umph. They felt too cookie cutter.

By handcrafting all of our voodoo dolls, every single doll we sell is unique and one of a kind. Not every doll has the same buttons, same stitching, or same accessories. There's always something unique, something special.

Thank You, From the Bottom of Our Hearts

From the start, Eclipse Voodoo Dolls has garnered viral attention on Facebook, growing steadily even before we launched. We wanted to say thank you to all who have shared our page, signed up for our email list, and purchased our products.

We are so happy to welcome you to the Eclipse Voodoo Dolls family.

owners of eclipse voodoo dolls

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts...

Jake & Blair