What are Voodoo Dolls Used For?

Voodoo dolls are often quite misunderstood. There are many misconceptions around how voodoo dolls are used and the kind of people that use them. We are here to answer the question, "What are voodoo dolls used for?"

We are going to explore various spiritual reasons voodoo dolls are used, as well as non-spiritual reasons. Our intent is to cover as many reasons for using voodoo dolls as possible in an inclusive and informative manner.

Hang tight - it's time we understand what voodoo dolls are used for!


First, we will cover some of the ways voodoo dolls are used in spiritual practices. To start, we will discuss how voodoo dolls are used for manifestation.

what are voodoo dolls used for

Manifestation, in a magickal or spiritual context, is the practice of drawing forth the energy you wish to receive in the world. This could be positive, or negative.

A lot of times, voodoo dolls can be used to manifest things such as wealth, health, love, peace, positivity, and more. Different energy manifestations in voodoo are tied to different colors.

You can click here to read all about Voodoo Doll Color Symbolism. Both the doll's color and pins used on the doll can have different spiritual manifestation representations.

It's believed that using the same color pin on a doll (for example, using a red pin on a red voodoo doll) can enhance the strength of the energy manifestation.

Spiritual Protection

Outside of manifestation, voodoo dolls can be used for spiritual protection.

Spiritual protection with a voodoo doll can be targeted toward a specific person, or even the user themselves. To use a voodoo doll for spiritual protection, you just need to cleanse the voodoo doll and then some belief structures require using hair or DNA from the target you wish to protect (if you're protecting yourself, your own hair/DNA) and others require you simply visualize the target as clearly as possible, directing your doll's energy to make a connection with them and protect them.

Using a voodoo doll for spiritual protection often occurs when someone is believed to be hexed, cursed, or under spiritual attack.

Spiritual Healing

Another common way to use voodoo dolls is for spiritual healing.

Some believe that you can use voodoo dolls to manifest healing in the target or the user. This could be done with the intent to heal trauma, spiritual conflict, and to heal someone who has been under spiritual attack for a period of time.

voodoo dolls for spiritual healing

Purple, green, and white voodoo doll colors and pins can be used to promote spiritual healing.

You can also use the voodoo dolls or other types of poppets in magickal spells focused on healing, as an avatar of that who you wish to heal spiritually.

Spiritual & Physical Attacks

This is the big one. Many people jump to conclusions when they see the question, "What are Voodoo Dolls Used For?" The conclusion they usually come to is that voodoo dolls are used for harm, both physical and spiritual.

Yes, it is believed that voodoo dolls can be used with dark or evil intent aimed toward hurting an individual. Many have taken this stereotype of voodoo dolls as displayed in fictional works and the media and exacerbated it into mainstream culture.

The truth is, most voodoo practitioners do not use voodoo dolls for harm. They use them for healing, spiritual growth, and protection.

While one could use a poppet or magic doll such as a voodoo doll for ill reasons, that is not the most common spiritual application of voodoo dolls. This is a large misconception and negative stigma that must be debunked.

For Fun!

Lastly, some people just really enjoy the witchy or creepy aesthetic of voodoo dolls, such as the ones we sell at Eclipse Voodoo Dolls.

This is perfectly valid, as not everybody believes in magick, witchcraft, or voodoo. Our goal at Eclipse Voodoo Dolls is to not gatekeep the joy of voodoo dolls and to make handmade voodoo dolls that are usable by anybody from any walk of life!

So, whether you want to use a voodoo doll to manifest wealth, promote health, or add to your bookshelf as a decor place, you're welcome here!

What Voodoo Dolls Are Used For

You wanted to know - "What are voodoo dolls used for?" To recap, voodoo dolls are used for, but not limited to the following:

  • Manifestation (health, wealth, positivity, love)
  • Spiritual Protection
  • Spiritual Healing
  • Spiritual & Physical Attacks
  • Enjoyment/Fun

There are more ways to use voodoo dolls, but we wanted to give you a quick, easy-to-digest crash course on the most common usages.

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