Voodoo Doll Update – October 2021

Hello, all! Eclipse Voodoo Dolls is excited to announce that we are close to fully restocking our Chumby Voodoo Dolls in all colors on our storefront! You’ll be able to order some of the most in demand Chumby colors, such as our Chumby black voodoo doll that sold out in a matter of days from launch!

We wanted to give you a look behind the scenes in this update and let you know what we are doing to make sure you have a great selection of cute, handmade voodoo dolls to choose from moving forward.

New Voodoo Doll Designs

Blair is working hard on new voodoo doll designs that you can pick from (and wow, are they awesome)! We are currently in the process of going through our prototypes for new voodoo dolls and determining which ones will make it to the production process.

Because we hand craft each and every doll, this process takes time. We have to make sure the voodoo dolls we make available are able to be made quickly and at a high quality, that way you can get them at a price that’s fair.

Keep an eye out on our Facebook page for updates on new doll releases when they happen!

A New Green Voodoo Doll (Chumby) 

Eclipse Voodoo Dolls is excited to share that with our Chumby restock, we will be releasing an additional color for you to choose from – this Chumby will be a green voodoo doll with beautiful silver threading as the decorative stitching.

We are making a limited amount of these, so make sure you act quick once we announce them on our Facebook page. We will share a definite release date on Facebook soon, that way you’re prepared in advance. 

Chumby is Saying Goodbye

With the new designs we are prototyping, we will be phasing out Chumby voodoo dolls for the near future – after this restock, Chumby may become a seasonal voodoo doll. He’s been very popular, but we want him to remain special.

In lieu of Chumby taking a much needed vacation, we will be releasing multiple variants of new voodoo doll designs that are as adorably creepy as Chumby is!

Make sure to order your Chumby voodoo dolls now, before we run out! After the restock, there will be no more Chumbies for the foreseeable future.