Voodoo Doll Color Symbolism - What Do Colors in Voodoo Dolls Represent?

When it comes to using voodoo dolls to aid in your spiritual journey or to perform spells or witchcraft, there are different meanings behind the colors you use on your dolls and even the pins you puncture your voodoo doll with.

Even people who don’t practice voodoo, but are more spiritually inclined, may want to better understand color symbolism in voodoo dolls.

Voodoo dolls come in many different colors, but there are some common colors you’ll run into, each having a different meaning or purpose. We wanted to go over a few of these to help you make the right decision on what color voodoo doll you need.

color symbolism in voodoo dolls

Whether you plan to make your own voodoo doll or purchase voodoo dolls online from a shop such as the one here at Eclipse Voodoo Dolls, being equipped with the right knowledge is crucial to understanding which voodoo dolls will meet your needs.

We will go over color symbolism in voodoo dolls for the following colors:

  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Red
  • White
  • Black
  • Green

Keep in mind, the color symbolism also applies to the color of pins you use on the voodoo doll, so combining a blue pin with a blue voodoo doll is believed to enhance the power and strength of blue’s symbolism.

As you’ll learn through this article, we will dispel the stereotype that voodoo dolls are only used to cause pain or misfortune on others. You will learn that you can use voodoo dolls to try and help other people in positive ways.

Blue Voodoo Doll Meaning

Blue voodoo dolls represent love and peace. The color blue in voodoo dolls is also known as the Marie Laveau color. Marie Laveau was a Louisiana Creole voodoo practitioner that was well known during her time and to this day.

handmade blue vooodoo doll color symbolism

By using a blue voodoo doll and/or blue pins, you can direct positive energy of love and peace toward the person the voodoo doll represents.

If you’re trying to manifest positive energy in the form of love or peace, feel free to check out our blue voodoo dolls!

Purple Voodoo Doll Meaning

Purple colors in voodoo dolls represent several different things and are generally used for protection and insight.

The color purple is known to represent spirituality, healing both spiritually and physically, as well as being used to resist black magic - you could use a purple voodoo doll to protect someone you know is being attacked by negative entities or energies. You can also use purple voodoo dolls to protect yourself.

On top of this, it’s said that purple colors in voodoo can be used to help with establishing contact with spirits or harnessing psychic capabilities or insights.

Red Voodoo Doll Meaning

In psychology, the color red is known to evoke a sense of power and strength. Well, the same can be said for voodoo dolls as well!

red voodoo doll meaning

 Red voodoo dolls represent strength, power, and even love! As you can see, this can be a positive use of voodoo dolls, however you want to be careful as to not use the color symbolism red carries to abuse power or strength.

We always encourage positive use of our voodoo dolls, of course you can use them however you see fit.

White Voodoo Doll Meaning

You probably assume that white voodoo dolls represent things like purity and peace. You would be right!

White voodoo dolls are commonly used because it’s believed that the white color helps with creating peace as well as purifying who the voodoo doll represents.

White colors in voodoo are also commonly used to promote health, honesty and protection both physically and spiritually.

We have plenty of white voodoo dolls available on our site, so if you’re wanting to do some purification or protection rituals, check them out!

Black Voodoo Doll Meaning

Black voodoo dolls are associated with negative energy.

Now, this does not mean that black voodoo dolls are only good for inflicting or summoning negative energy.

black voodoo doll meaning

You can use a voodoo doll with the intent to summon negative energy to cast upon another, but you can also use black in voodoo to help DISPEL negative energy from yourself or others.

Black is also known to be used to get rid of negative emotions such as grief or even physical pain. Black voodoo dolls have a wide range of uses and can be very versatile in your spiritual or voodoo practices.

Green Voodoo Doll Meaning

Green, the color of wealth and money! Green voodoo dolls are commonly used for the manifestation of wealth or money, but there are also other uses for the color green in voodoo. 

You can use the color green to represent and manifest things such as fertility or personal/spiritual growth. It can also be used for luck and manifesting good health.

Color Symbolism in Voodoo Dolls

As you can see, voodoo dolls aren’t only or even predominantly used for negative purposes or to harm other people. There are many uses for voodoo dolls and hopefully this little breakdown of the different meaning of colors in voodoo dolls helped you figure out what color you want to make your voodoo doll, or what color you’d like to buy a handmade voodoo doll in!

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