How to Cleanse a Voodoo Doll

Cleansing your voodoo dolls is an important part of using them in your rituals, spellcasting, or energy manifestation. Learning how to cleanse a voodoo doll properly is a vital skill to have when performing voodoo rituals or spells.

At Eclipse Voodoo Dolls, we want you to get the most out of the voodoo dolls we send you. In this guide, we will explain when you should purify a voodoo doll as well as how to cleanse a voodoo doll properly.

When to Cleanse a Voodoo Doll

First of all, learning when to cleanse a voodoo doll is important for smooth rituals, energy manifestation, or spellcasting.

Before Using it for the First Time

The first time you should cleanse a voodoo doll would be before using it for the first time! Even if you purchase or create a doll that's never been used, it's best to cleanse it before use in ritual. This ensures that any energy that was imbued from the crafting tools or crafting material does not carry into the doll during your practice.
If you have purchased your doll or acquired it through other means, it also ensures that the voodoo doll is purified from the last user's rituals or spells.

Between Rituals and Spells

Another time to consider performing voodoo doll cleansing is between rituals.
When you perform a new ritual with a voodoo doll, you want to clear any manifested or imbued energy it may have as well as sever the connection it had to the prior target, if changing targets.

When to Cleanse a Voodoo Doll
This ensures that your next ritual is conducted with a clean, energy-neutral poppet.

When Changing Intent or Targets

A third reason for learning how to cleanse a voodoo doll is so that you can change the intent behind the doll.

If you have your doll on your altar, for example, to manifest good health, but want the doll to now manifest love, it would be best to cleanse the doll so that you can focus as much energy as possible toward the new manifestation.

An alternative to switching voodoo doll intent is to acquire more voodoo dolls that each have a dedicated purpose.

Fortunately, cleansing a voodoo doll isn't too complicated and can be performed at home with little effort and time!

Cleansing Voodoo Doll Crafting Tools

Before we dive into ways to cleanse voodoo dolls, we think it's important to mention that you can use these voodoo doll cleansing techniques to purify the tools you use to craft your dolls.
By cleansing your crafting tools (such as needles, thread, fabric, etc.), you ensure no residual imbued energy carries over from your tools into the doll.
Even if you cleanse your tools, we still recommend cleansing your voodoo dolls before use, just to make sure the doll is fully purified before being used.

How to Cleanse a Voodoo Doll

Now that you know some of the situations and reasons you would need to perform a voodoo doll cleansing ritual, we can get into what you came here for!
Here's how to cleanse a voodoo doll:

Use Incense

Eclipse Voodoo Dolls suggests the incense cleansing method as your go-to voodoo doll cleansing technique.

How to Cleanse a Voodoo Doll with Incense

There are a few reasons for this:

  • It's Easy
  • Affordable
  • Minimal Clean-Up
  • Incense Cleansing is "Ol' Reliable"

To cleanse a voodoo doll using incense, all you need to do is light a stick of incense, let it begin to burn, and then hold the doll above the lit incense, letting the smoke rise and make contact with the doll.

You want the incense smoke to run over the entire voodoo doll, so feel free to rotate it over the smoke, covering the entire surface of the poppet throughout the ritual.

Do NOT place the doll on the incense or make contact between the incense stick and the voodoo doll - this could catch it on fire.

Some good incense options for voodoo doll cleansing are sage or frankincense. Any incense will work for cleansing, however.


Another way to cleanse a voodoo doll is to use saltwater. Typically, you'd fully submerge the voodoo doll in saltwater to ensure the entire doll is cleansed inside and out.
This isn't our favorite cleansing tactic, as when the doll dries it could become mildewy or adopt an unpleasant odor.
You can also cleanse the doll by sprinkling saltwater over it, but we would suggest you also cleanse it with an additional method such as incense, to ensure thorough purification.


Similar to the incense method of voodoo doll purification, sage is a great method.
For many spiritual practitioners, sage is on hand in abundance, making it a great go-to for voodoo doll cleansing.
Just like incense, you light the sage and then hold the voodoo doll above the smoke, wafting the sage smoke toward and over the doll.
You can also then use the sage to cleanse your home or space by performing a smudging ritual throughout your home.
Do NOT make contact between the sage and the voodoo doll, as it could light the doll on fire.

Bury the Voodoo Doll

Lastly, a messier but effective method for cleansing a voodoo doll is by burying it in the earth.
The reason you can cleanse a doll by burying it is because the earth's natural spiritual energy will cleanse the doll.

Voodoo Doll Purification by Burying it in the Earth
Leave it buried overnight and it should be fully purified by the next day.
Again, one challenge with this method is that it will leave your doll dirty once unburied. Be ready to clean the doll of any dirt and debris it accumulates from being buried overnight.


When it comes to learning how to cleanse a voodoo doll properly, you have many options at your disposal:

  • Cleanse with Incense
  • Soak in Saltwater
  • Smudge with Sage
  • Bury it in the Earth

You want to purify a voodoo doll before you use it for the first time as well as between any spells or rituals performed, or when you plan to change the target for the voodoo doll.

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