Witchy Gift Ideas for Your Magickal Loved Ones

You or someone you’re close to is a full-on witch, or possibly even an aspiring witch, and you’re on the hunt to find some incredible ideas when it comes to gifts for witches!

You don’t need a magic spell to find the perfect gift, as Eclipse Voodoo Dolls has compiled a list of witchy gift ideas you can look at to get some inspiration or find the exact gift you want to get for your favorite witch!

Voodoo Dolls

It’s only natural that we kick off our list of Witchy Gift Ideas with the thing we do best – voodoo dolls! Voodoo dolls make a great gift for those of your friends who are witchy or who are drawn toward the occult.

voodoo dolls as gifts for witches

Voodoo dolls are sometimes viewed as an “evil” or “dark” magical item, however voodoo dolls are just a magic doll, like any other poppet. How the user utilizes the voodoo doll is where the good or bad comes into play.

Our voodoo dolls can be implemented into witchcraft, voodoo, or magical rituals to help provide good energy to the user or others – we break down Voodoo Doll Color Symbolism on our website in-depth. You can use this guide to help determine what color voodoo doll you should get your friend!

Voodoo dolls make for amazing gifts for witches, whether they are new to the witch game or more experienced!

Check out all of our voodoo dolls for sale at Eclipse Voodoo Dolls by clicking here! All of our dolls are made by hand by our Seattle-based team of two. We handcraft all-original designs and make sure our voodoo dolls are made with love.

Tarot Cards

Quick disclaimer: we link to Amazon for some of these witchy gift ideas; we may receive a small commission if you purchase items on Amazon using the links throughout the rest of this article. We still chose items we think would make great gifts for witches.

Next up, we’ve got Tarot Cards. These are very popular and some of the most commonly sought-after gifts for witches and witchy friends.

 tarot card deck for sale on amazon

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Tarot Cards have a rich history, the first recorded instance of their existence being 1440! The first ever occult usage of a tarot deck was recorded in 1789.

When you are looking for a deck of Tarot Cards to give as a witchy gift, the three most common decks you’ll be looking for are:

To learn more about the history and origins of Tarot Cards as we know them, read this exhaustive article from My Modern Met!

You could also treat your witchy friend to a local Tarot reading! Just Google “tarot reading near me” and see what comes up.


Incense isn’t just made to smell good. Incense is used in many different practices, commonly used during meditation to stimulate one of your five senses, helping ground you and bring you into the moment.

Outside of meditation, however, incense can be used for cleansing! It’s common to use incense to cleanse healing crystals, meditation crystals, physical spaces, and more.

incense as a witchy gift

Incense is also used in many Wiccan traditions and rituals. Incense can be used as an offering to summon good energy or magic in some practices. Outside of Wicca, incense has been used across many major religions and practices due to its versatility and sensory provocation.

The broad use of incense makes it a great gift for witches, as your resident witch is sure to have an altar that incense would make a great addition to! Any witch could find some practical use for incense in their rituals and practices, even if it’s meant to enhance the atmosphere of a ritual.

Want to see the different spiritual meanings behind certain fragrances or incense? Click here!


Next up, we have crystals! Crystals are often also referred to as healing crystals. These make great gifts for witches because crystals are used in a lot of rituals, as well as used during meditation practices, and even carried by the individual witch day to day to help invoke certain benefits such as calmness, good fortune, healing, and more.

Some common crystals you can look for when you’re on the hunt for witchy gifts are:

  • Clear Quartz – healing, energy amplification, concentration, memory, enhancement of other crystals’ energies
  • Amethyst – protection, wisdom, sobriety, insomnia relief
  • Turquoise – healing mind, body, and soul
  • Ruby – vitality, energy, sensuality
  • Rose Quartz – inner peace, love, relationships

Crystals are also versatile in their presentation; you can find polished crystals, jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets, and even just chunks of the raw crystal itself!

Look for crystal healing kits if you want to offer up a witchy gift that is all-encompassing. These kits will have a little bit of everything and cover all the basics for your favorite witch!

Candles for Altars, Rituals, or Cleansing

Candles are used commonly as additions to altars and are also used in rituals, spellcasting, cleansing practices, and more.

Like incense, candles are highly versatile and make great gifts for witches; you may want to make candles a “secondary” gift to your primary gift. For example, if you purchase one of our voodoo dolls as a gift, you could add in some candles and incense to help make the gift a more complete package!

Candles also make great stocking stuffers – plain white candles are often used for cleansing purposes and are a safe bet for your favorite witch.

Spell Bottles

Spell bottles are really amazing, and something we hope to eventually offer at Eclipse Voodoo Dolls! Until then, you can find some great sellers on Etsy that offer hand crafted spell bottles that would be absolutely wonderful witchy gifts to give to your occult-obsessed friends!

spell bottle for a witchy gift idea

You’ll find these bottles to predominantly contain different types of plant matter and crystals, depending on what the purpose behind the spell bottle is.

Spell bottles are basically spells to-go; inside the bottle you’ll find all of the material you need to cast a given spell. This is fantastic for new witches, as it takes all of the guesswork out of spellcasting and they don’t have to buy a bunch of large quantities of random items if they are purely interested in practicing a spell for the first time.

These bottles are also just downright gorgeous, making a great décor piece when not in use. They also add wonderful ambience to any altar and can help direct the kind of energy you’d like your altar to manifest during rituals.


Lastly, when we talk about spells, occult, and witchcraft, we can’t leave out plants. Plants make for lovely witchy gifts because many who practice witchcraft, or something loosely related to witchcraft, tend to use plants and harness nature in many of their practices.

Great ones to consider about would be various herbs and plants in witchcraft or ritualistic practice, such as:

  • Lavender – anti-anxiety, peace, purification, clairvoyance
  • Basil – confidence, protection, warding, wealth
  • Sage – cleansing, purification, divination
  • Vervain – dreams, protection, sleep
  • Aloe – protection, luck

Get Your Loved One Some of These Witchy Gifts!

We hope our little round up of Witchy Gift Ideas helped you get some inspiration for gifts you could give to your friend or loved one who's a little (or a lot) witchy!

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